Welcome to Lore Sparks. I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Ayo, born and raised in London, moved to Hertfordshire when I became a wife and stayed in Hertfordshire when I became a mother to Tami.

I decided to create Lore Sparks with a message that encourages children to embrace their uniqueness in a world that promotes conformity and uniformity. 

Lore (gift) Sparks (shine your light) (pronounced Loh-Reh Sparks) is inspired by our daughter Tami, whose full name Oluwatamilore, means “God has given me a gift” derived from the scripture “Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from Him” Psalm 127:3 NLT. 
When Tami was born, my husband Kunle and I wanted our daughter to love everything about herself, from her beautiful brown skin, her curly hair and funny sense of humour.
Living in an environment where we are a minority, we were intentional from the beginning for our daughter to be secure within herself, knowing and embracing her identity and heritage without apology.  We sought to create an environment to boost knowledge of who she is. This included us buying books, toys, backpacks and posters that had characters that reflected her so that she’ll grow up to be confident in who she is and comfortable in her own skin.
I was looking for a mirror for Tami’s room. Keen for Tami to know that beauty comes in all shapes and forms so that whenever she looks in the mirror, she would see herself as beautiful as well as recognise the beauty that she has within herself. The Eurocentric images were not representative so I decided to create the mirrors that I was seeking. 
When the samples arrived, Tami loved it immediately and demanded (yes demanded) that I put the mirror up in her room immediately (even though the sample still needed improvements). That day Tami, my 3 year old muse and product tester, reinforced to me the importance of these mirrors as an essential symbol and part of the toolkit for raising self awareness.
Thus the Lore Sparks Mirrors was born.
At Lore Sparks, we believe that all children should grow up with a sense of pride and joy in who God created them to be, fully embracing who they are and their heritage not conforming to society’s ideals. Our products are designed with this in mind. Serving to remind our children that they are loved and cherished by God.