Be the Confident Mum Your Child Needs: 10 Powerful Affirmations to Live by

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Here at Lore Sparks, we believe that a confident mother raises a confident child. As Christians, we know that the only mirror we need to look at is the word of God. His word tells us who we really are, and speaking His word over ourselves is essential. That's why we offer biblical-based inspirational wall art and mugs that remind us of God's truth.

In honour of Mother’s Day (Sunday 19th March 2023), we want to share with you ten affirmations that can encourage you as a mother. These affirmations include: 

  1. "I am God's masterpiece" Ephesians 2:10
  2. "I am loved" Jeremiah 31:3
  3. "God smiles on me" Numbers 6:25
  4. "I am a gift from God" Psalm 127:3
  5. "I confidently trust the Lord to take care of me" Psalm 112:7
  6. "God is within me, I will not fail" Psalm 46:5
  7. "Everything about me is beautiful" Song of Solomon 4:7 
  8. "I shine brightly" Matthew 5:16
  9. "I have everything I need to flourish" 2 Peter 1:3
  10. "I am doing an amazing job." Galatians 6:9

We hope these affirmations encourage you and fill you with confidence. 

Remember, a confident mother raises a confident child. 

Check out our wall art and mugs on our website to remind yourself of God's truth about you every day.

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