Mirror Mirror

It has already been 4 weeks since the launch of Lore Sparks and what a wild journey it has been.
The feedback has been positive and the support has been strong. It’s reassuring to know that there is space in the marketplace for these Princes and Princesses mirrors shaped with afros.
I literally jump for joy whenever I receive a customer’s picture of their children with their new mirror. I am hoping that they are rejoicing over their beauty in their reflection as well as admiring the style of the product.
It has also been fun to show Tami, the muse for these products that the mirror she has in her room are being sent to children all over the UK as well as Sweden and Nigeria!
A few people have shared anecdotes with me which has been heartbreaking to hear but has made me more resolute to keep spreading the word for these mirrors and scriptural affirmations.
One mum shared that her 8 year old princess has become image conscious and has been asking her mum why her bum is big. Shocked by this and wondering what has been said in school where her daughter is a minority,  the mum has brought a number of books to help her daughter see herself in these books and give her the vocabulary to share her feelings, this has already been helping.
Another mum shared that she is using the Prince Afro mirror to teach her 5 year old prince that he has beautiful brown skin along with other affirmations due to an incident that occurred at his school. With both of these conversations, my eyes welled up. How can our children be going through this at such a young age?
Every child should grow up confidently in their skin with a strong sense of pride in who they are and their heritage. This is the tug on my heart to keep on going.
This is just the beginning and I am excited to share that I am working on some new mirror designs which will be coming soon. My email subscribers will be the first to hear and will receive an exclusive discount code for the new products.
I am truly humbled by the reception, there is much to do but we are just getting started. I am excited to be on this journey with you all.
Thanks again for your support.

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